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Embedded systems

  • We at Sunrise IT Solutions offer a wide array of services pertaining to the embedded domain.
    Every device  that assists in the range from portable devices  like MP3 players, Digital Calculators, digital equipments to larger device installations like factory controllers, traffic lights and complexive control units.  Embedded systems find its applications in the field of modern day life and have many instances of their usage.
    The telecommunications industry uses a wide array of embedded systems for networking to the mobile end users. It also finds itself in various sectors that are available.
    Sunrise IT Solutions readily provides all the services required in this domain since it has got an exhaustive resources under it that have worked on various projects and have a better domain knowledge and understanding of client’s requirements. We ensure our clientele that the requirements being specified are met with great aplomb. All technical challenges are handled at ease to ensure no glitches in the project.
    We are exceptional in handling our resources and make optimum usage of technology which thereby ensures that the projects completed meets and satisfy the clientele expectations.
    Our company has got an excellent track record in maintaining working relationships with our clientele and are a key allay in their products & growth in the embedded domain
    Our services in the embedded domain cater to major sectors of industries which include:
    Mobile and wireless
    Automotive industries
    Consumer Electronics
    Storage, networking and Computation
    Medical equipments
    Office automation
    Automation and controls

Our Services

  • Custom Development

  • Embedded systems

  • Application Administration

  • Database Migration

  • Software Testing

  • IT Staffing